Submitting an Application: New Contact, New Company (2024)

Submitting an Application: New Contact, New Company


  • Submit a New Application: New Contact Applying for New Company
    • The Scenario
    • New Company/Contact Registration Information
    • Submit a New Application
    • Submit a New Application
    • Step 3:Billing Information and Review

The following step-by-step instructions can be used to learn about the application submission process that is performed by the Applicant when applying for new accreditation/certification.

The Scenario

The following scenario describes a case where a first-time Applicant visits CA Connect to register as the Primary Contact for a company that is not yet in CA Connect. The first-time Applicant registers as a new contact, creates a new account for the Company, and then submits a new application for the Company.

The following are the step-by-step instructions for registering the new contact and new company, and to fill out the application form required for new accreditation/certification.

    1. Open your web browser and type

Figure 1 - CA Connect Access

    1. Enter your Email Address (see Figure 2).

    2. Click the Continue button.

Figure 2 - Login Page

    1. Enter a Password for the Primary Contact (see Figure 3).

    2. Click the Create Account button.

Figure 3 - Create Customer Account

    1. An Account Created Successfully confirmation message is displayed (see Figure 4).

    2. Click the Continue button.

Figure 4 - Account Created Confirmation

New Company/Contact Registration Information

Note: Fields marked with a red (*) asterisk denotes required data fields.

    1. Enter the new Primary Contact information in the designated fields (see Figure 5).

    2. Prior to entering the telephone numbers, click on the drop-down field and select the Country. (Note: When the Applicant selects a Country, extra telephone fields will appear.)

    3. Enter the telephone numbers. (Note: Do not include dashes in the telephones numbers.)

    4. Enter the Company Name in the Company * search field.

    5. Click the Search button to locate the Company account.

    6. If the Company was found, this indicates an account was previously created for the Company in CA Connect.Do not continue.Send an e-mail to and request assistance from the CA Connect Program Administrator.You can also call ____ for immediate assistance.

    7. If the Company was not found the message, “There are no results for your search” is displayed.The data fields to enter the company information and location are also displayed (see Figure 6).

Figure 5 - New Contact Registration

    1. Enter the new Company Information, Plant Address, and Mailing Address, if one exists (see Figure 6).

    2. Click the Create New Account button.

    Note: The Reset button will clear the information entered in the fields and allow you to start over.

Figure 6 - New Company Registration

    1. Once the process for registering the new Primary Contact and creating an account for the new Company is complete, a confirmation message is displayed indicating the registration was successful.

    2. You are requested to wait until you receive the registration validation e-mail depicted in Figure 10 before you can proceed.

Figure 7 - New Company/Contact Registration Confirmation

    1. You will receive an e-mail that will contain the e-mail address and password you used to register (see Figure 8).

Figure 8 - New Company/Contact Registration Confirmation

    1. A validation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address requiring you to validate your registration (see Figure 10). If you attempt to login to CA Connect prior to validating your account, you will receive a message that your account was disabled (see Figure 9).

Figure 9 - Account Disabled Message

    1. To validate your account locate the e-mail notification that was sent to your e-mail address (see Figure 10).

    2. Click the link imbedded in the body of the e-mail.

Figure 10 - Applicant Validation E-mail Notification

    1. You will then receive the following message confirming your validation (see Figure 11).

Figure 11 - Applicant Validation Confirmation Message

Note: This completes the Company and Contact registration process.

Submit a New Application

    1. Return to CA Connect and login (see Figure 12).

Figure 12 - CA Connect Access

    1. Enter the Primary Contact’s Mail Address you used to register the Contact (see Figure 13).

    2. Click the Continue button.

Figure 13 - Login Page

    1. Enter your Password (see Figure 14).

    2. Click the Login button.

Figure 14 - Password Page

    1. You will be directed to the Company List page.

    2. Click the Select link assigned to the company account for which you want to apply for new certificate(s) (see Figure 15).

Figure 15 - Company List

Submit a New Application

    1. You will be directed to the Contact’s My Accounts page (see Figure 16).

    2. Click the Submit New Application menu link on the top menu bar.

    3. You will be directed to the Application Form which is divided into 4 steps.

Figure 16 - My Accounts Page

Step 1: Company & Plant Information

The Company and Plant information previously entered are auto-populated onto this page (see Figure 17). All fields are editable for a new company where no prior application has as yet been submitted.

    1. Verify the information for accuracy.

    2. Click the Next button to proceed to Step 2 (Certification & Stamps).

Figure 17 - Submit New Application Form - Step 1 (Company & Plant Info)

Step 2: Certification & Stamps

This page features the Application Types and Certificate/Stamps related options (see Figure 18).

    1. For a new application, the Application Type default is set to New. It is the only option that can be selected.

    2. The Accreditation / Certificate Programs defaults to Boiler. If the program Type is not Boiler, choose the appropriate Application Type.

    3. Only those Certificate Types that are applicable to the chosen program Type are displayed.(Note: For illustration purposes, this sample shows the selection of the S certificate/stamp.)

    4. Select the Certificate/Stamp you are applying for by placing a checkmark in the designated checkbox for the Certificate Type.

    5. Click the Select Scope link to choose the scope for each of the certificate/stamp you are applying for.

Figure 18 - Submit New Application Form - Step 2 (Certification & Stamps)

    1. Click the Select button to choose the applicable scope.

Figure 19 - Submit New Application Form - Step 2 (Scope Selection)

Note: When the Applicant sees the Change Scope link, it means that a Scope has been selected for the certificate. If you need to verify or change the scope, click the Change Scope link. Otherwise, skip to step #6.

Figure 20 - Submit New Application Form - Step 2 (Change Scope Selection)

    1. If applicable, select an Authorized Inspection Agency from the drop-down list of options (see Figure 21).

    2. Enter the Number of Stamps Requested (1/2” or 3/4”) in the fields next to those entries.

    3. Click the Next button to proceed to Form D.

Figure 21 - Submit New Application Form - Step 2 (Authorized Inspection Agency)

    1. Enter the Form D information (see Figure 22).

    2. Click the Next button to proceed to Step 3 (Billing Information and Review).

Figure 22 - Submit New Application Form - Form D

    1. A message asking if you want to go to the next page is displayed (see Figure 23).

    2. Click the OK button to continue.

Figure 23 - Submit New Application Form - Step 2 (Confirmation Message)

Step 3:Billing Information and Review

The Step 3 (Review) of the application form is divided into two parts.The first part is used to input and process Billing and Banking information, and Electronic Funds Transfer information (see Figure 24).The second part is used to verify all the information entered on the application form prior to the submission of the application (see Figure 27).

    1. Billing Information:The Billing Address is pre-filled with the Plant Address. To enter a new Billing Address that is not the Plant or Mailing Address, overwrite the Plant Address with the actual Billing Address.

    2. To change the Billing Address to the Mailing Address, click the Import Address button.

Figure 24 - Submit New Application Form - Step 3 (Billing Information)

    1. The Import Address button, when clicked, will open the window depicted on Figure 25.

    2. To replace the Billing Address with the Mailing Address, click the Mailing Address option. Otherwise click the Close link and skip to Step #7.

    3. Click on the Click to Import link.

    Please Note: Once you have imported the address, the Applicant will be allowed to edit the Billing Address any time prior to the issuance of the certificate(s)/stamp(s). Editing the Billing Address in the Billing Address section (after you have imported it) will not impact your official Plant or Mailing addresses.

Figure 25 - Submit New Application Form - Step 3 (Import Address)

    1. Enter the Electronic Funds Transfer Information if available in the designated fields (see Figure 26).

    2. Click the Next button to continue.

Figure 26 - Submit New Application Form - Step 3 (Electronic Funds)

    1. Review:You will be directed to the continuation of Step 3 (Review) (see Figure 27).

    2. Verify the information for accuracy.

    3. Click the Next button to proceed to Step 4 (Print & Mail).

Figure 27 - Submit New Application Form - Step 3 (Review)

Note: If you are applying for a non-boiler Certificate/Stamp, you will need to fill out additional Conditional Forms. A list of Certificate Types and their respective Conditional Forms appear below:

    • AIA - Conditional Form G

    • Boiler- No Conditional Form

    • Nuclear - Conditional Form A

    • PRD - Conditional Form H

    • QEI - No Conditional Form

    • QSC - Conditional Form C

    • RTP - Conditional Form R

Step 4:Print & Mail.

    1. A confirmation message appears in yellow indicating your application has been successfully (see Figure 28).

    2. Click the Print Agreement button to print the Accreditation/Certification Agreement form.

Figure 28 - Submit New Application Form - Step 4 (Print & Mail)

    1. Sign and e-mail the Accreditation/Certification Agreement form to

Figure 29 - Accreditation/Certification Agreement Form


Submitting an Application: New Contact, New Company (2024)


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